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Outdoor Kitchens:



Florida Fountain and Lawn Ornaments, Inc. is proud to present our latest line of product, Custom Outdoor Kitchens. With our panel masonry technology by Clifrock, we are changing the way outdoor kitchens are built. Our engineered stone panels make it possible for our customers to have the outdoor kitchens of their dreams with a lifetime warranty, top of the line Blaze Outdoor Appliances and Accessories. You can choose the design, colors, and stone profile of your outdoor kitchen to fit the rest of your landscape and your home perfectly. Our engineered stone panels donít require any heavy duty footing either, so you can place your outdoor kitchen on any hard surface. And, never have to deal with the burden of replacing or repairing your outdoor kitchen-BBQ island or countertop because our engineered stone material is resistant to weathering, high heat, deep-freezing, abrasion, chipping, and scratching while also being freeze-thaw stable. Contact Florida Fountain today to begin planning your ultimate outdoor kitchen and we will give you design help and a free quote! We guarantee you will have an outdoor kitchen that meets all of your desires and stays within your budget.




Totally Modular
Flexible Design
Professional Series Gas Grills With Rear Infrared Burner

High Compressive Strength Concrete Construction
Multiple Rock Patterns (Rock vs. Random Rock)
Wet Bar/Sink/Refrigerator Options Available
Counter Tops Constructed With Lifetime Built-in Color
Pull Out Trash/Gas Canister Option

Stainless Steel Cookware and Appliances
Florida Tough
Lifetime Warranty*

* Applies to all Blaze Utilities except for electronics, ignition and lighting systems.


Gas Grills

Pull Out Drawers



Refrigerators, Sinks and More

Side Burners and Griddles


Prices starting at $5259.95.

Call Us Today for a Free Quote.





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